YoungLives: Impacting Teen Moms. Shaping Generations.

Every summer we have the opportunity to take kids to camp, where they will have "the best week of their lives". This summer, I had the privilege to serve as a childcare volunteer at Camp Buckner for YoungLives so parenting and pregnant teens could experience "the best week of their lives".

I didn't get to go on the zip-lines, blob, or ropes course. I didn't get to stand by these mommas, as they sang, laughed, and danced during club. I didn't get to talk with them at meals or listen during cabin time. But, I had something better. I got to serve them by loving on their sweet babies, while they did all those fun things. I got to care for their little one while they heard the Gospel. And as I played with their babies, changed diapers, rocked them to sleep, I got to pray for these girls and their babies. 

The very last day of camp, everyone comes to club. All the teen moms, their leaders, their babies, and the childcare volunteers piled into one crowded room. Oh what a sweet picture it was to see everyone singing together. But the best part was seeing these girls-the very girls I had prayed for-standing with their babies during Say-So. I witnessed these moms stand and say they had put their trust in Jesus. 

That moment was powerful, but even more beautiful were the weeks following camp. After camp ended, we had a campaigners for the girls that went to camp. I was excited to see their babies and how much they had grown. Some could now eat solid foods, walk, and talk. But the babies weren't the only ones growing. Their moms were growing too. It was so awesome to see these girls study the Bible, ask questions,pray, and go deeper in the Word. Not only were these girls impacted at camp, but their lives and their babies lives were shaped by their leaders and the Gospel at home. And I am thankful I was able to be apart of it.